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With over 50+ unique attributes your Hippos will be truly one of a kind No two Hippos will be the same. Each Hippos is generated with attributes based on rarity. Your Hippo is built and stored on Solana blockchain with ownership All Hippos live on the Solana blockchain. This allows collectors to buy, sell and trade Hippos with collectors from around the world.
In addition, we also have $HIPPO Coin which is a meme coin for the Hippo Family community. In the future the coins can be used as a utility in your digital activities.


✔ NFT Edition 1 : Create 355 Unique, Cute, and Collectible Hippo Family. Hippos Male are created!
✔ Create $HIPPO Coin (Total Supply 14,5B $HIPPO Coin)
✔ Airdrop 100K $HIPPO Coin for NFT Minters

✔ NFT Marketplace Integration – DigitalEyes, Magic Eden, Will be #1 priority at launch, should happen soon after minting.
✔ Listing $HIPPO on Exchange (Dexlab)
✔ SWAP HIPPO/USDC on Raydium
✔ Airdrop 1B $HIPPO Coin for Public

✔ Listed On Nomics
✔ Listed On CoinGecko
✔ Listed On CoinMarketCap
✔ Listed On Exchange (Degendex)
✔ Listed On
✔ Burn 1,5B $HIPPO Coin
✔ Listed On CropperFinance
✔ Listed On Jupiter

✔ NFT Edition 2 : Create 710 Unique, Cute, and Collectible Hippo Family. Hippos Female are created!
✔ Airdrop 250K $HIPPO Coin for Minters

✔ Hippo Wedding - You will be able to submit 2 NFTs (Male and Female) and you will get a new cute Hippos Baby NFTs in your family.
✔ Airdrop 500K $HIPPO with Hippos Baby.

✔ NFT Royalty Sharing - Giving Back 50% of royalties to Community (Buyback $HIPPO) and 10% will be donated to Hippos Conservation

✔ More Exchange
✔ Partnership With More Projects
✔ Partnership for more utility $HIPPO Coin

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Token Exchange




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